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Talking to Unicorns is the first episode of the first season of Mia and Me.


Mia found a book that her father used to read to her after her parents passed away. She found out that it was magical. The book teleported her to a magical world called Centopia, where she turned into an elf. She meets the unicorn Lyria, the pan Phuddle, the elven warrior Yuko, and the elven prince Mo. Everything in Centopia was supposed to be good-willed, but an evil queen Panthea and her general Gargona started capturing unicorns, the source of life of the world. At some point after Mia met Yuko and Mo, Lyria left and Mia goes finding for her. She was trapped by Gargona, but then saved Lyria with help of her Elven friends.

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