Mia is the 12-year-old main protagonist of the television series, Mia and Me.


Mia is awkward, bubbly, but friendly. She is extremely loyal to her friends. Ironically, she seems to be more confident and friendly in Centopia than on Earth. On Earth, she is more quiet and shy, also kind of a loner.


As a normal girlEdit

Mia is usually seen wearing her normal school uniform. She has brown hair and brown eyes.

As an elfEdit

Mia wears a short strapless pink dress with matching stockings. Her wings are pink decorated with dark pink lines. She has a mole on her cheek and her eyes are purple. Mia's pink hair is tied into two, letting it rest on her shoulders, and is decorated with gemstones.


When Mia was little, Mia's father used to read her a book. However, shortly before the series started, her parents died in an accident, forcing her aunt to put her into a boarding school in Italy, Florence.

Season RolesEdit

Season 1Edit

In season 1, Mia rediscovers her old book and discovers that it's magical - it teleports her to Centopia and turns her into an elf. There, Mia finds out that the evil queen Panthea and her general Gargona plans to take the unicorns's horn (which keeps everything in Centopia living) to keep Panthea young. Mia and her friends (Mo, Yuko, Onchao, and Phuddle) with the help of the elves and the Trumptus strives to defeat Panthea and save the unicorns.

Season 2Edit

Coming soon...

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