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• 10/31/2014

I'm back!

So you may have noticed my lack of activity for the past few weeks - I was taking a break from Wikia. Well, now I'm back, and I am trying my best to work in all 3 of my wikis:

  • Kids's & Teenager's Entertainment Choice Wiki, this wiki.
  • Project Anime Wiki - My latest wiki :D! This is a wiki all about anime (from information about anime movies, TV shows, OVAs and more, until characters from the shows and episode plots). If you watch any anime, please contribute to the wiki!

So, you may find me focusing more on PAW (Project Anime Wiki), because I have watched a lot of anime now - and it is my latest wiki.

That is all :D!

P.S. Message walls have been enabled - sorry for the long wait!

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