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Message Wall for October!

During the poll to decide whether we use message wall or talk pages, the results are:

3 supported Message Walls.

1 user supported talk pages.

So, going with the community decision, the message walls will be enabled on the 18th of October! If you want to do some changes like decorating your message walls, make sure you do it now.

You can pre-decorate your message wall by going to Message Wall Greeting:YOUR USERNAME. If you are not familiar with this feature or want to know more functions of it, feel free to visit Help:Message Wall.

Anyway, make the most of the 7 days left to use talk pages, and leave a message if you have any questions!

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Yay! Thats great! ^~^

BelieveInMagic814 wrote:
& How Do You Do That ?

Do what?


The Message Wall Greeting  


1. Go to Message Wall Greeting:BelieveInMagic814.

2. Edit it and insert anything you want! You can say "Welcome to my message wall!" or insert pictures, etc.

However, of course it will not be seen until the message walls are enabled.

An example of a message wall greeting is here, and when the message walls are enabled, it will look like this.


You're welcome! Now that you're done, everyone will feel welcomed when the message walls are enabled and they see yours ^^!

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