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Wiki Update

Here are a few updates on the wiki:

1. Templates will soon be made!

2. The policy and manual of style will be completed soon.

3. Please don't copy information from another wiki and website! If our content are duplicate, sadly, we won't be unique :(.

4. Message Wall or Talk page? Vote in the poll below!

Do you want to use message walls or talk pages?

The poll was created at 08:00 on October 8, 2014, and so far 5 people voted.

5. This wiki will be in a similar style with Mia and Me Wiki(we are also looking for contributors there)!

6. Articles about characters should not contain very much information. An introduction, then with a "Personality", "Physical Appearance", "Pre-Series", "Season Roles"  then "Gallery" sections are enough. The page Bloom (Winx Club) is a good example/

7. You are allowed to copy from Wikipedia for the "Reception" section, but with credit.

EDIT: 09/10/2014

8. You are now allowed to make fanfictions and short stories. Rules about them can be found in our policies.

9. You can now make a page for every episode of a show XD! The format and the perfect example can be seen here: Mia and Me/Episode 1

Thank you for all your contributions :)! Enjoy your time in Kids's & Teenager's Entertainment Choice Wiki, and invite your friends XD!

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